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Construction Management

Construction is always a compromise between desires, technology and budget. Our job is to give you the best advice possible to guide you through the maze of changing products, techniques and costs.

We strive to maximize your return on investment through open discussion of costs and value-engineered alternatives.

We are in constant communication with time-tested subcontractors to ensure a coordinated mission to keep each project on-time and on-budget.

A handsome leather bound portfolio will detail the thousand steps from commencement to completion of your personal home.
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Chalk Hill Construction is a custom home builder - meeting the specific needs of individual people. A clever plan becomes a great home only through pride and effort.

Attention to detail shows as refinement. Clients living in our homes appreciate, every day, the difference between an ordinary house and a fine home.

Site Selection

Site selection is a vital first step - some outwardly splendid sites may have foundation and or septic requirements that quickly turn dreams to nightmares! Chalk Hill provides you with site selection assistance at no expense.

Solar orientation and view management are critical factors that will determine how you use your house, and your energy usage for many years to come.

Northern Arizona Living
demands unique building considerations due to difficult geological and environmental conditions. Shallow soil depths, wide daily temperature swings and extreme low humidity, present the home builder with quite different challenges than those of the places new residents are accustomed to.
Build to Site

Careful optimization of on-site vegetation and thoughtful movement of grading materials maximizes both views and privacy - creating a home that is integral with the site and preserves landscape and ecological values.

This is a creative process that requires diligent efforts of all participants from designer to painter.


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Site Considerations

Site Integration

Construction Management