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Building with environmental sensitivity and energy efficiency in mind, does not mean living in a cave or foregoing modern amenities - simply being more thoughtful in product selection, site and solar orientation, and floor planning. Done well, this results in an inviting and compelling personal residence, instead of a common house.
There are multitudes of products to choose from among insulating, flooring, roofing, and painting components - each with its own compromises between sound value for money, longevity, environmental footprint and energy efficiency.
reclaimed cedar
recycled insulation

Our experience in building green includes

along with traditional frame construction. We also encourage the use of reclaimed lumber, sustainable-harvest wood products and high efficiency Energy-star appliances.

Building green is looking better all the time!

Structural Insulated Panels

An exterior wall system rated at R-42 is more than twice as thermally efficient as standard "stick-framed" walls and still only six inches thick.

This particular system employs polyurethane cells and is virtually fireproof.

Costs are usually close to typical "standard" wall systems.

Insulated Concrete Forms

are reinforced foam blocks that are filled with concrete for a massive (and eternal) 10" thick building shell.

Offering extremely quiet interiors and R-30 insulation ICF houses give serene interior atmospheres.

Insect and fire-resistance are added benefits - along with bulletproof walls!
deep patio
Solar orientation
and appropriate overhangs are critical elements for comfortable low-energy southwestern living.

Deep set patios shade windows from high angle hot summer sun, yet welcome winter's low angle warming rays.

Passive solar elements use free solar energy to maintain high levels of interior comfort.
Reclaimed timbers
reduce virgin wood use and add stylish warmth and casual character.

Very little old growth timber ia available for logging today, yet the amazing beauty and performance of that ancient wood is still available when reclaimed from old structures.

Whether re-milled or kept with all its character, old woods add flavor to interiors that simply cannot be found in other ways!
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Structural Insulated Panels

Insulated Concrete Forms