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Home office

This home office supports a small business with occasional client consultations. Set just off the entrance to the home, it admits professional visitors with minimal disturbance to the residential zones.

Combining recycled wood with luxury vinyl plank and 1960's desk, this office is a soothing marriage between old and new.

A wrap-around Formica task surface provides ample space to spread projects out, facilitates sharing of office equipment and eases collaboration between the two workstations. A meeting table and big screen monitor enable consultations with clients to be away from the clutter of the work area. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is hard wearing and easy-rolling for office chairs and dampens acoustic reflections.

Cedar recycled from old utility poles was used for the meeting table and desk panels, and mahogany recovered from old wine barrels was milled into edging to tie the various components together. Inexpensive pine planks, stained to match the cedar, frame a large window overlooking a stress-relieving koi pond.

Home office